Sunday, March 4, 2012

Discussions of Death

You've probably already read about the dream I had. If you have no idea what dream I'm talking about, go read my last post.

I wasn't able to get it out of my head so I decided to talk to Slendy about it and try to see if I could get him to answer my questions and maybe help me figure it out some more. It took a bit to be able to have this discussion because I did not see him until this morning.

To be honest I was a bit wary of talking to him.
I can still remember how angry he was when I woke up from that horrid dream.
My questions went something like this:
Enjoy freaking the shit out of me the other night?
Did you give me that dream?
Was it a threat to kill me or something?
Are you the one I should be afraid of?
What did it mean?
Where have you been?
Why does my arms tingle?

His answers were pretty short.

Again, I find myself frustrated by his quietness with me. Sometimes I can get more out of him but he was not really keen on talking to me this morning. I guess he didn't have his coffee yet.
Still, I do feel better for some strange reason.

That and I do know that Aiden's still alive and kicking which makes me really happy. I had been worried about him but seeing him comment on my dream really perked me up.