Sunday, March 4, 2012

Discussions of Death

You've probably already read about the dream I had. If you have no idea what dream I'm talking about, go read my last post.

I wasn't able to get it out of my head so I decided to talk to Slendy about it and try to see if I could get him to answer my questions and maybe help me figure it out some more. It took a bit to be able to have this discussion because I did not see him until this morning.

To be honest I was a bit wary of talking to him.
I can still remember how angry he was when I woke up from that horrid dream.
My questions went something like this:
Enjoy freaking the shit out of me the other night?
Did you give me that dream?
Was it a threat to kill me or something?
Are you the one I should be afraid of?
What did it mean?
Where have you been?
Why does my arms tingle?

His answers were pretty short.

Again, I find myself frustrated by his quietness with me. Sometimes I can get more out of him but he was not really keen on talking to me this morning. I guess he didn't have his coffee yet.
Still, I do feel better for some strange reason.

That and I do know that Aiden's still alive and kicking which makes me really happy. I had been worried about him but seeing him comment on my dream really perked me up.



  1. Glad I could help, though I can say likewise. Just keep trucking.

    Also, what's with the bolder letters in your second paragraph? Was that on purpose?

    Also... I... saw you comment on Taben's blog the other day while going through the past.

    I... hate to say this. Taben's been dead since September. Andromeda killed him.

  2. Glad that I've been able to help you. :3

    Um, I didn't mean to do that. That's just weird. Could've just been blog my keyboard glitching. This new laptops a bit buggy.

    I didn't know. What a shame... Although I suppose it's for the better considering what Taben turned into.