Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I get pains in my veins, just in one spot. If I slap the area it'll move up or down my arm and eventually just break apart or something. I think it's something like a bloodclot messing with me...
This is something I've had for a while, but I've started noticing patterns in when the way they come. Before, I never could find a pattern, but now I see one.

They come when he comes near and when he leaves. They always pass though.
They also come when I use the extendo-arm thing and sometimes, when I dream things involving him, I wake up with the pain.

I'm mostly just amused by this.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Blogger's being a bitch and won't let me comment... Probly a good thing since I had a Grammar Nazi moment. Anyway... The only new thing is that I've kinda had been stupid in mentioning this, but if anyone's seen the latest Marble Hornets vid... Um, not totheark's response, the one where Jay got pounced by Slendy. Yeah... The structure that looked part tree and part house? I've got one within walking distance of my house... I haven't gone exploring around it, yet.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I just got back from the city. Went up there to root a friend of mine on in his first drag pageant.
He didn't win, but he didn't get last place either, but the judges didn't give him that much points because he wasn't.... Eh, how to say this...
The judges wanted BAM!drag, not convincable drag. They wanted whacked up-dos that real girls would never wear, makeup that looked unflattering, sequins, glitter, and back-up dancers and everything.
I don't like those judges.

I had a great weekend, partially in thanks to a psychic vampire that got a kick out of trying to drain me.
Now, don't start worrying about me letting a psychic vampire nom on me all day. I've got a surplus of energy thanks to my empathy. I feel and absorb the emotions of others and it tends to bottle up since I can't release it so it's a good thing that he kept feeding off of me.
I feel lighter and more relaxed.

Um... You probably are more interested in the 'freaky shit' part of it all (unless psychic vampires are freaky enough for you.) Let's see... I saw some graffiti related to him in the city. He wasn't around very much, mostly far away. That silly stretched feeling. He was closeby once. I saw him when the psychic vampire and I were on the padio of my friend's apartment having a smoke. He was standing off in the distance, half hidden by the corner and just watching.

Other than that? Nothing new to say.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Insert witty title here*

Don't worry Aiden, I'll try not to hurt anyone too badly while you're gone and I'll do my best to keep Kayomie from losing it.

But first.... I'm going back to bed. I feel like shit and my stomach hurts. I can't feel this crud if I'm asleep.
You know who seems to be in a bad mood by this. Then again, I should be in the bad mood since he scared the shit out of me watching me lose my dinner last night. I think I told him to go fuck himself with something, but I can't quite recall. I was a bit out of it.

And hour later I asked him if he knew of what was making me sick?
Slow but need removal of source to reduce threat.
So that's a.... maybe? Then again, why would he need to know human illnesses?

Sandwich, then bed. Good idea? Eh, what does it matter, I'm going to do it anyways.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh hell no


Alright, I feel better now. Sort of.
I have one less roommate now since my so called 'sister' showed up with the cops, waking me from a very nice dream, and took her shit. I don't care that she's gone and moved out - good riddance. Things have been calmer at the house since she's been staying over at someone else's anyways.
What pissed me off is that she felt the need to bring cops over to get her shit, like we're some kind of monsters who will throw a fit over her leaving when she's been a pain in our ass since almost day one?
See, I wasn't even pissed at her then. I just calmly watched and even helped her gather her stuff, but I couldn't help but get mad when I asked here "Where are you living now?" and she tells me "Don't ask" and won't tell me because it'll upset my other roommate?
LIKE I WOULD TELL MY OTHER ROOMMATE ANYTHING! Geez! She's the one who sat there and specifically told someone something I asked her to keep secret since it wasn't any of their business!

I find out after she leaves, though another source, that she's moved in with one of my roommate's parents.
Great, so she prefers pill-poppers and perverts over us.

Hell's to good for her.
I'd see her remains hanging in a bag from a tree and still would feel that that's too good of an ending for that back-stabbing, lying little cunt.

Can you tell I'm pissed?



I'm in the mood to watch something about Jack the Ripper. Anyone know a good movie or show? Heck, even good fiction on the internet would be dandy. Something that isn't a documentary. I've already seen those.
I'm about to watch From Hell despite it being horribly wrong, but it's the best I can find right now.

Yes, I'm strange and have a thing for Jack the Ripper.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some thoughts...

If you don't know what I meant in the blog about the extendo-arms, go read the comments there. I don't feel like repeating myself. I'm still having issues comprehending what happened.
It wasn't the first time and if his amusement gives me any indication, it won't be the last.

Speaking of him, he's been keeping his distance from me - standing and watching from a distance.
I asked him why but that hardly helped clear things up.
Not safe.
I asked him what isn't safe.
Now, that confused and worried me so I said, "Don't you protect me?"
"If you're protecting me, why am I not safe?"

He chose not to elaborate and left for a while, as if to punish me for prying by making me feel that stretching sensation I get when he's gone.

Is it safe to say that things on my end are making less sense?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Me!

Yeah, I know. It's pompous and pretty much asking for trouble, but I don't really care. Today's my 20th birthday! Whoo!

I got How To Train Your Dragon and monies! That's it for now, but it's more than I was expecting. Now I just have to wait one more year and I can go get wasted.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bloody hell.

So much drama in my house right now, it's making my stomach hurt. I hate it when it gets like this.
It's irrelevant to the 'freaky shit' but I just wanted to say... bloody hell, this drama sucks.

Small update today. I saw Slendy on my way to the store and back. It's odd seeing him in the sunlight.
Like usual, I waved. He tilted his head and told me to stop. So I did. Which was good because some bozo sped around the corner and could've hit me.

I asked him why, and apparently he feels some odd ownership or something over me.
So, to be funny, I told him happy mother's day.
I don't think he got the joke.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you see a girl wearing too much eyeliner and black clothing that is limping around, that's me.
I fell about an hour ago and scraped the fuck out of my knees, which is pretty damn sad considering I'm very talented at falling. Usually I fall and bounce right back up without even a limp.

But no, I had to scrape the shit out of my knees and it stings, which makes me limp because bending my knees or stressing them makes it sting worse.

I sat on the curb for a while, staring at my knees. I had an eerie moment of peace as I watched the blood well up and spill. Everything was so quiet in the neighborhood, so calm. My world had been narrowed by the pain, focused on the sight of the blood. Yes, I can be disturbing at times. I've always been this way.

This is all irrelevant, I know. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still around. I've just had no reason to blog. Sad, huh? I'm not even interesting enough for a proxy to notice. Ahaha.

Good news is that I'm still mostly human.


Hooo Boy

While Xi's had nothing new on her part and I haven't had any bizzare dreams lately, I have been sort of contacted by a proxy today. MyDarkJournal, a proxy on youtube that Dr. Cairo followed and I think was stalked by along with the dickhead known as Benefactor, has friended and subscribed to my youtube account.

Before anyone asks, no, I don't have any vids up on the thing yet. The yet is because I do plan on eventualy starting up a book reviewing series, not recording myself as I sleep or some such nonsense. I'm not quite that stupid. Not to mention that even if I wanted to, I don't know where my folks put the camera. Just thought y'all would want to know in case something happened, which I doubt at this point.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Birthday Event EVER

I know I'm behind in mentioning anything about Bin Laden's death, but having him die 9 days before my birthday is easily the best thing to happen in my lifetime.

Nothing new on our end of the Slendy front. No bizarre dreams on my end, albeit my night paranoia is still around and I have to sleep with my laptop on because I can't find a nightlight to keep in my room where I can easily see, and Xi hasn't mentioned anything new on her end either, so so far so good.