Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update! ....Yay?

Yo, guys.

No, it's nothing new with me... Well, other than a funny Black Friday story. For some reason, Corporate put the store that I work at opening at midnight instead of 4 am on the website that day.... And people were trying to get in. Mall security wouldn't let them, so one of the customers called the cops on the store. The cops thought it was mall security calling for backup so they brought the drug dogs with them. Half the line vanished... Albeit we were still WAY busy all damn day.

On the other hand, my friend Kenneth, the guy with the weird haunting thingie happen to him at Medicine Park, may have seen Slendy in the Walmart by my house overnight Black Friday. Only thing that makes not only me and him but Xi kinda doubt this is that the poor guy had gone 29 hours with no sleep. So maybe he saw him, maybe he didn't.

I did go to Medicine Park Black Friday with my parents, but I didn't notice anything odd or have anything happen. Just thought I'd mention it. Whatever it was that attacked him might have only wanted him and his friend gone, or only goes after people in couples or alone or something.



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